thing that should be in GTA 6

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thing that should be in GTA 6

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 27, 2015 5:04 am

1. Better movement of style make it easier to run around climb over obstacles add a little parkour when you run to a was instead of struggling to get over the wall make it were you can push your self up like as you run to the wall you grab the top and you put your foot chest hight on the wall and push your self up and slide over. When your run to a wall that has a corner and your on the side that has the wall in front of you and next to you as you run to the wall you put your foot on the side wall then you grab the ledge then you push your self up and vault over the wall and if there is a wall too high to just jump up and grad on too instead of saying I can't get up this wall its too tall and then you failed a mission because u can't find a faster way to get to the guy that u half to kill instead you can run up the wall maybe two or three steppes up the wall then grab the top of the wall then you put your foot chest level and push your self up add wall run and when you go from a ledge to the ground the slide that you have in gta5 that's good when you ate walking but running it will slow you down if chasing someone in stead to keep the speed you should be able to run then as you are running you put your hands down go down the wall and push off the wall with a turn to keep the speed to find more about parkour look online and/or find some one that does parkour.

2. Character switch
To have a girl it's a good I idea because then you will get way more girls playing gta but if you don't have a guy some people will specifically guys will might not stop but they won't play it as much so if you added a guy and a girl maybe brother and sister, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or two complete strangers that meet in the middle of the game.

3. Graphics I think that the graphics look fine the way it was in gta5 because I think that too much graphic work could make the game look too blend like in gta SA the graphics weren't that good at all every thing looked too squared and if the graphics were too good the graphics would look fake

4. Location I would like a new location a place that gta has never been too here are the city's - Charlotte, North Carolina - Chicago, Illinois - Miami, Florida - Atlanta, Georgia - Tokyo, Japan these are good places of course there are more these are miner suggestions my favorite is Charlotte, North Carolina.

5. Year I say a good year would be a modern time maybe a few years ahead because every body would love to see what's going to happen in 2020 or further like would there be cars hovering over the street or will it be the same as it is now

6. Cars customization and cars I would like to see more cars nice cars some classic cars and to upgrade them gta5 customization is spot on but there are some thing that I ask like breaking give more options on breaking and instead of just having a choice to put carbon on the roof the door over the motor the spoilers and the things on the side of the car at the bottom instead of just that you should make it were we can customize the body of the car were we can put the carbon on the full car and we should be able to make the Windows bullet proof and like online instead if getting stuck with a car that you don't like in the story mode of 5 how you could only have the car that it gave u as a main car you should be able to go get a car off the street like on the online and turn it into your main car because I'm sick of loosening my car after it blows up then I have to find a new one I would like to put a tracker and insurance on my car that way I can turn a car into my main car and like Franklin how he has a bike I would also like to make it were we can have two main cars and have the game remember what car u were driving last so when u die the car will show up near the hospital

7. Hair styles and clothes
I think we should have a freedom of selection like in the online version of GTA 5 so we could were what we want if you are male you get a selection of male clothes if female you get a selection of female clothes and hair styles the same way but could you add better hair styles. And were you can die your hair any color and die your clothes any color

8. Reputation
Like in red dead redemption you have a reputation bar and if you do good things like stop a criminal your hero reputation will go up but if you kill a indecent Rob a store your villain reputation goes up and perks come with this like if your hero bar is up the cops don't go after you and you can have cop followers if your villain bar goes up you Will be a friend to all gangsters you can have gangsters follow you and no hoods will attack you

9. First and third person
In third person its all the same as is but in first person instead of going in first person in a car and you see a the hood and lights. you see the starring wheel, the odometer, and your hands and when out of a car and you are in first person instead of zooming in and seeing the back of your head and the side of your head. Instead you see throw your eyes because in first person games you look throw a fore head camra so I ask that you actually look throw the eyes and make it were you can switch between them.

10. Character customization
If you guys add this. just like the online we should be able to chose the parents and the grandparents of each side and for the parents you should put in all of the GTA playable characters that you guys had in the past like gta, gta2, gta3, gta4, gta5, gta SA, and more of the GTA games that could be still alive around the time when gta6 comes out

11. Character abilities like in the 5 gta Franklin car dead eye Trevor rage and Michael gun dead eye if you could take those powers and make others and have us pick 4 abilities for your guy but it had to be fir something different maybe have hit harder and rage and dead eye driving and jump a little higher some thing like that.

12. Cheats instead of having type able cheats we would half to unlock them by doing missions, collecting items, side quest and all of that and the cheats are never die for ever not 5 minutes, run faster like gta5, cars fly, weather changer, ninjas landing instead of falling off a building and waving your hands around. And kicking instead you get ready to land and as soon as you touch the ground you roll like in gta5 after you land from using the super jump cheat in gta5

13. More missions and side quest like in IV. When you could. Go in a police car and do the mission on the computer I was disappointed when you couldn't do that in V so please add that in VI and keep the taxi jobs and the business buying


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